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DualSense Adaptive Triggers Game Demo on PC

I've Developed this Application called DualSenseX which let's you connect your DualSense Controller to your PC and emulate an Xbox 360 controller or a DualShock 4 Controller  which can be used on any game or platform like Steam, Xbox Games, Epic Store, etc..

My main goal from the start was Adaptive Triggers, once i tested and seen the possibilities, Game Developers are able to create a game with Adaptive Trigger Support playing it natively.

This is a Game Demo to show off what is possible with the DualSense Controller on PC and for any Game Engine that can write to a text file!

Works 100% with Bluetooth Connection!

You can head to https://github.com/Paliverse/DualSenseX to get the Application, make sure you follow the steps written there, then you can launch the game and it will automatically start DualSenseX and automatically connect to the controller and start reading from the game the current set Adaptive Trigger and apply it to the Controller.

I would like to bring more Game Developers on board to try and see what they can come up with using Adaptive Triggers.

If you’ve got unreal engine and would like to see how it was done you can download the Game Source Code: Google Drive Download (489 MB) Includes  README with info for unreal.

If you would just like to play the compiled game, you can download at the bottom of the page.

You can join our Discord Community here:  https://discord.gg/PUThpCFByn

Please don't hesitate to DM @Paliverse on Discord if you have any questions..

Release date May 22, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnreal Engine
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller
LinksHomepage, Community

Install instructions

  1. Get DualSenseX from the releases page here: https://github.com/Paliverse/DualSenseX
  2. Follow any necessary steps on the GitHub page
  3. Once DualSenseX is installed, you can launch the game and step inside any of the boxes to feel the Adaptive Triggers taking effect! 


DualSenseX_DemoGame.rar 139 MB


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This is the best experience I've ever got with a controller software so far, but I'm just wondering if there's any way to associate "Sense2Key" profiles with programs (like Joy2Key obv). Would be a great addition if this doesn't exist. 

And I also think profiles should be at least kept after active after restart until there's no association with programs stuff, because it's not convenient to open up the software before playing a game just to chose my macro. Like to stall in rocket league for example or manually bind the d-pad because trackmania doesn't detect it. 

Anyway I bought the software on steam and would gladly donate if these features would see the light of day cuz it bothers me still having to use an external software for that.

worst software ever to test the triggers

This demo was poorly made that i agree with. It was made a long time ago, but now there's better ways to do a demo with a game but unfortunately i haven't made a new demo yet, as I'm not a Game Developer. I would disregard this demo as i no longer promote it for testing.

For me only the DUALSENSEX screen appears, very large and nothing happens

It launches SteamVR whenever I open this.
Also, every time I hit start game, it says it failed to find DualsenseX.exe, even though it's installed and works fine when I manually interact with it.


VR launches whenever I start the game, is there a way to disable this?


Help me someone, i don't feel adaptive triggers, but my Xbox 360 controller emulation don't helping me! There is no effects...

Hey creator. Is it possible to implement Razer Chroma support for lightbar? There are games which are changing led devices color if their software is connected to Razer Chroma application. Unfortunately, DualSense is not compatible with Razer Chrome and I wonder if DualSenseX could unlock this to support Chroma API? Finally we would receive proper support for lightbar on PC.

Value and enjoyment of my PS5 for PC games easily doubled thanks to your work. Thank you, Paliverse!

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Dear Creator, thank you for the software.

When i pick a different effects (eg. Automatic gun trigger or something) in the controller mode section. my left trigger seem to be working fine but my right trigger feels a little soft/off/weak as compared to the left. So im left wondering whether its the software or my new controller having defects.

That's probably due to hardware softening by use, I have the same problem

did you try 'calibrate triggers' in the controller mode, it worked for me

is there a zip file for this?

download winrar or 7zip you big baby, shouldn't you already have this

Hi Creator, When I launch the dualsenseX and the game, my dualsense won't respond anything when i move it, and alt+tab i dont see the dualsenseX tab, is there something wrong?

you don’t need to launch DualSenseX, you just need to open the game only. It will auto open DualSenseX in the background silently. Then it should work normally. Make sure emulation is set to Xbox360

I think it don't support windows 11 yet, as windows 10 will show dualsense as "speaker", but here i can only see my speaker and not wireless controller

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well it technically is a speaker soo

muito bom ! adoraria testar o haptic feedback do controle 

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I'm getting an error while testing , it says windows can't find dualsenseX.exe ... even if dualsense is actually running and when not .. nothing happens 

After that issue .... it just hang in a black screnn

EDIT : Nevermind , it works ONLY if i put the game IN the dualsenseX install folder ... xD 


Please see this video for a solution for this issue!

Made by @ShakeCan 

thanks , i just put it in the software folder itself , but result is the same :D thanks for the software <3 it's a  really nice thing to have :D 

i tried to do what is told in the video but it gives the same error when i click to open the command folder

ive tried everything suggested here and no go


If possible, please remove any VR-related plugins from the project. I have SteamVR installed with a VR headset connected, and this demo insists on launching it when the game runs (I am assuming that since this is meant to show off DualSense support, it is not indeed a VR-compatible app).

hello, unfortunately I’m away from my main PC as I’m on vacation, but when I do come back I’ll definitely get rid of any VR related stuff. I didn’t think that had an effect as this was just a template 


This is definitely the best software and most work put in to get a working ps5 controller. I personally thank you creator for making this and for all the work you put in. The DualSenseX Software feels Official and runs extremely smoothly.  This is amazing and keep up the great work. 

Thank you very much, I appreciate those kind words, stay tuned for more features to be added!


this is good